Layla Sophia


A young individual who is reliable, understanding, and flexible with her time. 

Layla has experience in many aspects such as; mental health illness, eating disorders, addiction, etc. Layla is not only a speaker that is there to motivate you, but to relate to you.

Mental Health

Looking for a mental health speaker? 

Struggling with mental health? 
Mental Health is truly one of the toughest struggles in life today; wheather it is: intrusive thoughts, anxiety, depression, insecurity, etc. 

Personal Message From Speaker Layla Sophia: 

Mental health is truly draining, and it affects every aspect of your life immensely. As a little girl I had social anxiety, and was chubby. At a young age I looked passed that insecurity and did not go to the root cause of the insecurity. Going into my teenage years I had: eating disorders, addiction, depression, insecurity, and anxiety. I genuinely could not handle the over thinking, and the constant battle in my mind. I believe it is the same with many kids today in this generation. 

I would be honored to share my story in depth with you. I hope that my story influences you, and shows you a new hope in life. 


Personal message from Speaker Layla Sophia

I understand that there are many questions about Christianity. Maybe you think Christians have forced religion on you. You have faced church hurt. You felt pressured to be "perfect." Maybe you question why out of all religions this one is true? 

I understand. I grew up in a Christian school feeling pressured to fit in these standards. I thought Christianity was a bunch of rules I had to follow. Honestly, even after my walk with Christ I fell into what society calls "religion." Meaning, I felt like I had to follow many rules in the Bible to earn my place in Heaven. I felt condemned for every thing I did. The devil took the Bible's words, and made me a slave to the law. Jesus Christ revealed to me that the price has been paid. I can not earn my way into Heaven, and He loves me more than I can imagine. The Bible is amazing; however, we need to ask Him to reveal His word to us. Jesus taught me that my feelings, past, or weight do not define me. 

I would love to go more in depth about my story with you beautiful people. 




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